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Roof solar panel Dallas can power your home at a lower cost and pay less for electricity. Decide on installing solar roofs and have your home equipped with a fully integrated solar panel system. They are long-lasting and durable that can withstand any weather condition.

Many people have been choosing to install solar panels on their roofs as it has become more affordable and cost-effective. Now is the right time to install solar roofs for your household or business. Whether you’re environmentally-conscious or you want to save on your electric bills - getting solar roofs can bring you benefits from using clean, green, and renewable energy.

Before setting up your roof solar panel installation, you might want to consider some significant factors.

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Repairs and Condition of your Roof

If you plan on getting solar panels, you need to know the age and condition of your roof. If there’s an area that needs repair, handle that first. Putting solar panels on a damaged roof will just cost you more because of the dismantling and reinstalling of the panels. Also, check on the warranty of your roof if it matches the warranty of the solar panels. Say your solar panels can last up to 25 years, but your roof can only last up to 15 years - the cost of maintenance can increase. Cut the amount of effort, time, and money by matching the two projects so it can both last longer together.

Material and Space

The type of material used in your roofing should also be considered. The most well-suited type with solar panels is a flat one or GI roof sheet. With this material, installation is easier. Wood and slate roofs become brittle over time - making those types of roofing unideal for solar panel installation. Alongside the material used, you must also think about the shape and space of your roof. Since roofs aren’t identical and come in different shapes and sizes, make sure there is enough area for the solar panels. A 5kWp panel can occupy about 30 square meters of surface area. Not having enough space, will less likely get the return you expect.

Orientation and Placement

If you want to obtain the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels, proper placement is the key. Find out where the direction of your roof's slopes faces, if it faces south, north, east, or west. Orientation is essential in determining the effect of energy production. Is your roof too steep or too flat? Steep roofs over 40 degrees harvest less energy, while flat roofs may require you to have brackets to support the proper angle placement of the solar panels.

Sun exposure

Shading and limited sun exposure affect the efficiency of a solar panel system. If your house or business is located somewhere in the city, then most probably you’re surrounded by tall buildings blocking sunlight on your roof. It is not ideal for getting a rooftop solar panel system if your roof only receives a minimal amount of sunshine.


Even if technology has significantly reduced the price of solar panels, be careful in settling for cheaper or low-end solar roofs. A lower price tag may mean cheaper manufactured materials that make them less durable and good for a shorter period. Nondurable solar panels decrease the investment value and potential savings you expected, not to mention low-quality panels may be costly in maintenance. Keep in mind the dangers and consequences of settling for cheaper low-quality solar panels that may result in safety hazards.

As a consumer, you must value worth and quality when investing time and money in installing such types of home improvements as solar panel installations. Look for trusted dealers and installers for an assured implementation of a solar roof. Power your home with a solar panel roof.