RV Solar Panels Dallas TX

Enjoy trips in remote locations with solar energy as your backup. Call us for proper solar panel installation to your RV.

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Get Solar Panels for Your RV

A solar panel system is an excellent resource for RV owners. It is an upgrade that makes things more convenient for camping without hookups or “boondocking.” Solar panels can help you run the fixtures of your RV, making it feel a lot more like home. Enjoy the fresh air without smelling the gas from your generator, and consider getting a portable solar generator instead.

Solar panels for RV’s or motorhomes work just like the ones for residential solar panel installations. Basically, the solar panels collect the Sun’s energy and transform it into electricity to power your appliances. There are portable solar panels available for convenient, easy setup and take-downs. If you like the small flexible panels, you can have those mounted on your RV’s roof. Choosing what solar panels to get for your RV all depends on your needs and what kind of RV owner you are.

RV Solar Panels Dallas TX

Why you need one for you RV

Most RV owners like to spend time in remote locations, living off the grid without power hookups. Solar power is the way to generate electricity while providing you clean energy and extra savings. You may expect the pay-off of your solar panel system to be less than five years. However, it would still depend on the equipment you use and the amount of the Sun’s energy that hits your RV solar panels.
Not every RV owner is the same. For those RV owners who are the type to spend more time on campgrounds, this may not be practical. They can easily pay association fees and hookup to local power systems. Installing solar panels can still be included as an upgrade; however, the payback period might take longer to breakeven. And if you only take your RV for a few trips a year, the upfront cost is not worth paying since you’ll only be using the solar panel system a few times as well.  

Is it still worth having

Campers and motorhome owners often remain wary of RV solar panels being too expensive for an upgrade. However, they completely miss out on the list of benefits they can get when they have them installed. Here are some positive points of having a solar-powered system:

1.      Portable solar generators are quiet and use clean, renewable energy that is good for the planet. It doesn’t burn fuel, thus no gas smell and less waste production.
2.      RV solar panel systems are low maintenance. Since it doesn’t have moving parts, it is less prone to breakage. Once you have solar panels installed and set up, they can perform long enough for up to decades.
3.      With the Sun’s energy, the resource is without limit, even on cloudy days or winter seasons.
4.      Extend your RV’s battery life with solar systems. While most RV batteries last for 2 or 3 years, using solar power can increase its life expectancy up to 75% longer. Upgrade to lithium batteries and imagine not having to replace costly batteries for 6 or 10 years.
5.      It is cost-effective. Even if the upfront expenses may cost you quite an amount, owning solar panels is an efficient means of power.

Overall Cost of an RV solar powered System

Costs of RV solar panels installations vary from one service to another. There isn’t a one-price-fits-all quotation for solar panel installations. Most RV owners get driven with their RV upgrade, that they choose to customize the whole vehicle heavily. These customizations involve more than just installing solar panels on the roof; doing this will probably cost you big bucks. Contact RV solar panels Dallas and talk about smarter solar solutions for your RV that fits right in your budget. Stay fully charged with RV solar panel systems and have more fun RV adventures.