Solar Generators Dallas TX

A solar generator provides portable electricity without the noise and the pollution that usually comes from regular generators.

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Solar Generators Dallas

An excellent way of having extra electricity on hand is by owning a solar generator. In case the power grid shuts down and you need an emergency backup, or you just want to charge your phone in the middle of a campsite, a solar powered generator can come in handy. A solar generator supposedly means any system that works off the Sun’s energy. However, when people say ‘solar generators’ they actually mean to say a portable power station. To transform energy, it uses solar panels instead of burning fossil fuels.

Solar power generation operates with the use of solar panels to capture and collect the Sun’s energy. This then stores the accumulated energy in a battery for later use. This utilitarian gizmo is a big help for your camping and boat trips, RV joyrides, or a power source back up in chances when the electricity goes off.

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So how does this thing work?

For solar generators to work its magic, it is composed of four components. These are the portable solar panels, the charge controller, the solar battery, and an inverter.

- First, the sunlight hits the solar panel and gets converted into direct current electricity.
- It is then received by the solar charge controller to regulate the electric voltage into the battery.
- Lastly, the battery is where the solar energy is stored for future use
Solar generators today are mostly lithium-ion batteries. When it is time to use the stored energy, the inverter does its job by converting the power into alternating current energy ready for appliances and devices to use. Typically, solar generators have USB ports, AC outlets, and 12-volt carports available for you to charge multiple devices.


1. Unlike an average generator that consumes fuel, solar generators function quietly. Since it doesn’t have any moving parts, it doesn’t make that loud generator noise when turned on. And no moving parts means lesser upkeep. Gas generators are high maintenance and need to be serviced regularly, while a solar-powered generator would be fine with low maintenance to employ.  

2. Solar generators depend on clean, renewable energy - meaning you don’t have to think about the costs of gas and fossil fuels to power your generator. Also, if you’re one for the environment, getting yourself one of these can have a great impact on the planet by skipping the use of gasoline. When it produces and stores energy, it doesn’t contribute to releasing greenhouse gases. It releases no harmful pollutants, which take away the worries since you’re using clean energy.  

3. Gas-powered generators entail the endless purchase of fuel. A solar-powered generator doesn’t cost you a cent of buying gasoline. The Sun is the only fuel you’ll need, and it’s totally free. You basically set up your solar panels, and voila! Free energy.  


1. Anything solar powered can cost more upfront. Although they have a higher initial investment than gas-fueled ones, solar generators have lower operating costs.

2. You may have to lower your expectations when it comes to the speed of charging the battery. It takes some time for solar panels to be charged, and it can only be recharged when the Sun is out. Consider a solar panel that can produce 100 watts could take over 9 hours to recharge.

3. Solar-powered generators cannot power your entire house. It is only limited to powering lights, charging phone, and keeping small appliances running for a certain amount of time.


In any event of an emergency, may it be losing electricity from your power grid or just keeping a backup source for your trips, solar generators Dallas is undeniably convenient. It is clean energy that can spare electricity for your devices and can get you through power outages.