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Solar Inverters and Installation

Perhaps you have already looked up all the things you need to know about getting a solar panel system for your home. You may know by now the basic components of a solar system and that it comes with an inverter. To know the best choice for your setup, you need to learn about the capacity, performance, and type of inverter that ensures the possible fit for the installation.

If you don’t know yet, inverters are the ones responsible for transforming the Sun’s energy that was collected by the solar panels. The transformed electricity is stored in the batteries that can be used for the entire house. The collected solar energy of the panels produces direct current; however, most appliances run through alternating current - which is why you need an inverter.

Solar Inverters Dallas TX

This is the part where you ask what inverter you should get. There are three common types of solar panel inverters. These are string, central, and microinverters.

String inverters –
It is the type that is commonly seen and used in residential and commercial facilities. This inverter works by treating the solar panels linked together in series as a single large panel. The panels are arranged into groups connected by strings that allow them to perform equally up to the worst performing panel. The only weakness you’ll meet with a string inverter is when a certain individual panel causes an issue. This then reflects on the entire string.   On the upside, it is one of the cheapest in the market and has been a popular choice by consumers.
Central inverters – Physically larger than the string type, central inverters use longer wires and convert more power per unit. It is typically floor-mounted, unlike string inverters that are installed on walls. It is usually used for utility-scale applications in environments like industrial facilities and large buildings. With a highly efficient performance and easy installation procedure, it is surprising how it is relatively inexpensive. However, with its physical attributes, it is quite bulky and noisy.

Microinverters –
A plug-and-play device, it generates direct current from a singular panel to alternating current. It is either fixed underneath or very close to each solar panel. The benefit of having this type of inverter is that it allows each singular panel to function as an individual unit. Unlike the downside in string inverters, one panel wouldn’t affect the entire solar panel system. It is also fast and easy to install though it may be one of the expensive types. Microinverters are a bit high maintenance since servicing and replacing components is not easy and is a bit challenging.


After you decided what type of inverter to get and what setup suits you, where exactly do you place it? If you chose microinverters, well, you don’t have to think of its placement since it’s usually pre-installed on the panels. For some other types, you might want to install it in a safe place with

 - No direct sunlight
 - Enough space for adequate clearance
 - Proper ventilation as it should be sheltered from any type of humidity and moisture

Some inverters mounted outdoors experience issues due to extreme exposure from weather conditions like rain or heat. Ideally, inverters stored indoors like in a garage increases the life expectancy of an inverter.

Final Words

Choosing the right components for your installation project should be done according to the criteria that meet your household needs, roof space, and performance. Solar inverters Dallas can help you through the entire procedure from selection, setup, and maintenance. Always work with reliable providers that cater to your solar needs and are also capable of providing you with better solar solutions.