Clean Solar Panels Dallas TX

Maintain the efficiency of solar panels by keeping it clean. Learn how to prepare for regular cleaning and maintenance work.

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Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean

Like maintaining and keeping the house neat and tidy, you shouldn’t forget your solar panels on your roof. Know when the right time for cleaning is and what are the steps in doing so. Since it doesn’t have any moving parts, there isn’t much to take care of and maintain. But keeping it fresh and clean is a serious aspect of maintenance.

Before you start grabbing your ladder, you should have a preparation checklist.

1. Recall the specific instructions of your installer or solar panel manufacturer about the recommendations for cleaning. If you forgot about their advice, check and contact them before touching anything. You don’t want to swing this by doing what you think is okay. You must know the exact ways of keeping your solar panels in shape. Remember, replacing and servicing is costly.

Clean Solar Panels Dallas TX

2. Your solar panels can get too hot, especially mid-day. Consider cleaning them in the morning or afternoon, preferably on a cooler day.

3. Check available cleaning supplies. If you’re battling with bird droppings, try a garden hose. But if there are stubborn dirt and dust, you might want to handle that carefully. A bucket with warm water and soap can work magic. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to clean the wiring underneath.

4. Just ask for help with solar panel cleaning services in Dallas. Doing it yourself might cause you accidents like falling off the roof. Cleaning your solar panels is a safety hazard. When safety and risks are involved, leave it to the professionals. Experts can handle and ensure that the solar panel system is clean and working to its optimal level.

If you want to maximize the energy, your solar panels produce, clean them. Bird droppings, dirt, and other debris can affect the efficiency of the solar panels. Depending on rain to naturally clean them is not enough to eliminate persistent filth and dirt.

How Many Times Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

Cleaning your solar panels once or twice a year is good enough to produce 5% more electricity rather than leaving it uncleaned. In some places, cleaning once or twice is just right. However, some places require more attention. These places are where there is less rainfall and pollution is severe. Autumn and winter seasons should be considered as well. Removal of leaves and snow greatly affect your solar panels’ performance. If your panels are in the proper orientation and tilted on the right angles, rainwater would not have a hard time cleaning.

If you’re still unsure how often you should clean your solar panels, monitor the power output changes before and after cleaning. Test what works best. Trying out different intervals can help you determine when’s the right time to clean again.

Consider a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Clean solar panels Dallas is worth the effort. Disregarding a cleaning routine for your solar panels is the worst thing you can do. Having them cleaned will boost your solar system’s performance and return extra savings on your electricity bills. It’s not that much of a hassle to clean them yourself. However, hiring solar panel cleaning services is advisable. If not cleaned properly, you may lose about 25 percent of its efficiency. Which means your solar panels will produce 25 percent less power. You’ll then have to source that power from your utility company to add up to your monthly bill. It just increases the years to receive your return on investment.

If you’re in a heavily polluted area, there are higher chances that there are more stubborn obscuring objects living on your roof. You need to get that checked and cleaned by a professional cleaning service. They work with experience and proper equipment for doing difficult tasks. In this way, you wouldn’t have to do it yourself - leaving you free of worries.