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Solar energy is a great alternative source of electricity. Learn more about the benefits of going solar here.

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A Few Things You Need to Know Before Going Solar

To understand how home solar panels operate, you must first know what they are. There are two types: Photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels. Similarly, they both absorb energy from the Sun. For photovoltaic panels, this type produces electricity from captured energy from the Sun while solar thermal panels harness the Sun’s power - usually for water heating or any heating purposes.

So how does it work?

Photovoltaic panels (PV) allow photons or particles of light from the sun to kick electrons out from atoms to generate a flow of electricity. A solar panel is composed of linked cells, where each PV cell is made up of two square slices of

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some semiconducting material - which is usually silicon. These cells need to establish an electric field to work. You’re going to have to research more about the specifics, but basically, more other components of the cell convert electrons into power. There are conductive metal plates on the sides of the cell that collect and transfer the electrons to wires where it can flow into usable electricity. Solar thermal panels are mounted on the roof just like the PV panels but look somewhat different. Instead of having cells, it contains multiple pipes that can heat water. It can be used for warming up the household, but it is most recognized to provide hot water needs of homes.

Is it efficient?

Most definitely, yes. They don’t necessarily need direct sunlight to do the job. Solar panels for home can still produce a substantial amount of electrical energy on cloudy and rainy days - even the winter season. Moreover, solar panels at cooler temperatures have added expediency. Even if it is highly efficient on sunny days, solar panels for house in hot countries can overheat, reducing its efficacy. If you’re located somewhere with cool weather, then it is ideal for solar panels to perform at their finest.

Is it worth it?

Check your electric bill - the higher it costs, the greater need for you to go green and go solar. Since it basically produces a voltage on its own, it can balance your monthly electric bill, if not put an end to it.  Long-term expenses are minimal, which makes up for the upfront costs you’ll have to deal with initially. Most systems don’t need full maintenance as it is designed and built to be heavy-duty that could last to up to 20 years or more. Having a solar power system at home is also doing your part in helping the planet by reducing the carbon footprint. And one of the reasons why it’s worth getting is that the planet is worth saving as well.

Energy rates differ depending on locations.  And if you’re on one that charges higher energy rates, then getting solar panels is a wise decision. If you decide on getting a solar power system for your home, don’t expect to have your electric bills gone overnight. But with solar panels, you are assured of the beneficial return it promises. Don’t be let down with the front costs. Some people are too cautious with the actual installation expenses without considering the computation it will save on energy costs. Before you jump in with both feet, learn how your electrical bill and location can have an impact on your wallet. Look for incentives and additional credits depending on what state you’re in.


Solar energy is valuable in many aspects and is an excellent alternative source of electrical power. Having a solar power system installed is not just beneficial for reducing your electric bills but also helpful in saving the environment.